Our exchange platform allows you to interact with deep liquidity in the way that suits you best.

Secure, frictionless, transparent liquidity.

The Zodia Markets exchange runs on a high-speed matching engine with a range of connectivity options, competitive fee structure and market making incentive programmes.

Crypto markets in fiat and stablecoins.

Trade spot crypto against a wide range of fiat currencies as well as USDC, USDT, and other stablecoins. Our reliable banking rails and access to wholesale FX rates mean we can bring you a wide range of coin pairs against both fiat and stablecoins.

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Working with Market Makers.

A healthy efficient market relies on tailored liquidity provision for clients. That’s why we partner closely with top tier market makers and liquidity providers, offering a competitive incentive programme.

Zodia Markets EXCHANGE

API Best Practices

API Connectivity

Want to connect seamlessly and quickly to our exchange? Go direct through our user interface, FIX or REST APIs, or access our liquidity through a growing list of aggregation and order routing platforms.

Connect to our exchange today.

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