OTC trading.

Our OTC desk specialises in trade and order management, providing best in class market access.

High-touch over-the-counter trading.

Zodia Markets’ OTC matched principal desk provides high-touch service to an institutional client base. Benefit from established relationships across traditional and crypto markets, and live market colour provided by our experienced traders.

Available currencies.

Includes but not limited to:

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Trade execution.

Real time price discovery and execution

Access to wholesale FX markets via our banking partners.

Access to wholesale FX rates for currency crosses

Standard Chartered subsidiary subject to bank governance standards.

Credit lines available subject to approval

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Crypto FX.

  • We support 40+ fiat currencies and many digital assets and can provide competitive cross pricing.  
  • We have access to the wholesale FX market rates and digital asset liquidity pools. 
  • Fast settlement (T+0) available depending on currency. 
  • Deep pools of liquidity in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets.

Available stablecoin crosses.

  • Launching with a variety of stablecoins.
  • Available against USDT, USDC and fiat. 
  • On- and off-ramping for stablecoins against their linked currencies.
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Settle seamlessly.

  • Reliable banking rails and secure counterparty risk.
  • Settlement against USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH or any other supported digital asset.
  • Net settlement across business lines.
  • Have direct contact with our Operations team via Telegram, Slack or email.

Segregated custodial funds model.

  • All client fiat held in a Standard Chartered client account.
  • All digital assets are held with a trusted custodian.
  • Our solution does not rely on you having wallets with any one custodian.
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Contact our OTC desk.

Interested in our over-the-counter service? Contact our trading team today to learn more about the currencies and digital assets we offer.